Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Night

OK, so I went with Martha to FBC Trussville last night to see/hear Travis Cottrell and part of his team in concert. It was fabulous (as if that needed to be stated)! After the concert, we chatted with a few people, all the while I kept my eye on the people lined up to meet Travis. I really wanted to say hi and get a pic with him to share with my Bible study girls tonight. I saw an opening and Martha & I flew up the aisle. I introduced myself (and completely forgot about Matha...whoops...sorry girl:O) Well, I went from 29 years old to 9 in 2.5 seconds flat...ok well who am I kidding, it was like 1.5 sec.! I totally went 5th grader standing on stage with T.C.! AND THEN, I made him pose with us while I took the photo...ahem...Travis will you be my bff? Check yes or no! I'm a dork. With all the excitment, I forgot to tell him that his coat was absolutely rockin'!
I get home and told my husband. His response, "I'm glad I wasn't with you. I definitely would have acted like I didn't know you and walked away." Thanks honey. Love you too.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Coming soon...

I cannot wait to blog about my Deeper Still Atlanta trip! However, I am still trying to process everything! As soon as I comb over my notes, I will post! In the meantime, IT WAS AMAZING! Kay, Beth and Priscilla taught with such an authority only the Lord Almighty can give! Many, many, many thanks to these wonderful women who allow God to work through them in such a mighty way! I love you each dearly:)