Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Night

OK, so I went with Martha to FBC Trussville last night to see/hear Travis Cottrell and part of his team in concert. It was fabulous (as if that needed to be stated)! After the concert, we chatted with a few people, all the while I kept my eye on the people lined up to meet Travis. I really wanted to say hi and get a pic with him to share with my Bible study girls tonight. I saw an opening and Martha & I flew up the aisle. I introduced myself (and completely forgot about Matha...whoops...sorry girl:O) Well, I went from 29 years old to 9 in 2.5 seconds flat...ok well who am I kidding, it was like 1.5 sec.! I totally went 5th grader standing on stage with T.C.! AND THEN, I made him pose with us while I took the photo...ahem...Travis will you be my bff? Check yes or no! I'm a dork. With all the excitment, I forgot to tell him that his coat was absolutely rockin'!
I get home and told my husband. His response, "I'm glad I wasn't with you. I definitely would have acted like I didn't know you and walked away." Thanks honey. Love you too.