Monday, June 15, 2009

One Prayer
Our chuch kicked off One Prayer last weekend. I am so excited to be part of something so awesome! What is One Prayer, you ask? Go check out the website or keep reading (below is info from the website)!!!
One Prayer 2009: One Prayer began in 2008 with a simple idea: We pray to Jesus asking Him to answer our prayers – what if we became the answer to His? He prayed that we would be one, and One Prayer is an opportunity to see what can be accomplished when the Church works together.
Last June, thousands of churches formed unprecedented partnerships across cities, continents, denominations, and cultures. More than two million believers stood together to learn, pray, fast, and love others. This year, we'll be joining forces once again as we go out into the world to share, serve and give during One Prayer 2009.
I just read that 1,847 churches are now a part of One Prayer. That is approximately 1,002,091 in attendance! Jesus, may we be a light in the dark world. Thank you Lord!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Prayer Request

I know there are so many people who need prayer. Today I want to ask you to focus on this family . Check out their blog and read sweet Noah's story.

For more information on shaken baby syndrome, you can go to or check out the links on Noah's blog.

Have a blessed day!

Also check out (see previous blogs as well to learn more about this trip). This is from Melissa who is on the Compassion trip to Kolkata (Calcutta). Talk about breaking my heart...

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Laptop

My husband needed a laptop for school. I heard this many, many, many times. This was my year to choose how we spent the tax refund money. I decided to be sneaky and buy him a new laptop. I ordered one from Dell and the lead time was three weeks. In the meantime, he was dead-set on finding one. I finally decided to tell him about it but I wanted some element of surprise. So, I made a laptop out of cardboard and hid the receipt in it. He picked me up for a lunch date and we went to Logan's. As soon as we got there, he went to the restroom and I put it on the table (I have a REALLY big purse). At first glance, he thought the waitress had forgotten to clean off the table! I told him to open it and as he did, I told him I knew he really wanted a laptop but that was the best I could do right now. The rest went down like this:

Joseph: Awe, thanks babe!

Me: Why don't you read that paper stuck in there?

Me: Do you know what that is?

Joseph: It is the details of a laptop.

Me: Not just any laptop...YOUR laptop!!!

He was so excited that he truly did not know what to say. And that my friend, does not happen very often!

The actual computer came in on Tuesday...

I love him so much!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I just received some wonderfully exciting news...

This weekend at Church of the Highlands:

19,404 people attended one of our 19 weekend services and 2,310 people made decisions for Christ!!!

I have to give God some praise and thank Pastor Chris for bringing an awesome message! Oh, I cannot forget the praise team...they rocked!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a little etsy love: Monday Giveaway-Noodles & Milk

a little etsy love: Monday Giveaway-Noodles & Milk

This is such a cute shop! I am attending several baby showers over the next few months and I know where I will be shopping!!! Check it out:)

Also, if there is anyone out there, I am determined to become a better blogger. I read several almost everyday but actually blog...twice a year??? I'm working on it! God Bless:)