Wednesday, April 28, 2010


On Friday, I picked up Meredith after work. Before we could get on the road, headed to the So Long Insecurity conference with Mrs. Beth Moore, I had to stop and get some snacks. Pregnancy brain was in full swing and I had forgotten snacks, my CAMERA, my pillow and I can't remember if there was anything else! We arrived in Atlanta with only one missed exit and one wrong turn. After checking in to the hotel, we ate dinner at a cute Mexican restaurant with a very unusual mural on the wall. I had the absolute best flautas of my life! We headed back to the room and chatted a while before falling asleep.

At some point early the next morning, I heard thunder and the rain start. I started praying that it would stop when it was time to leave because we left the umbrellas in the car! No such was pouring when we were leaving! However, when we got to the church, the rain had slowed and we made it inside without too much hair damage! Here we are waiting in line.

We were sitting in the overflow and during the break, Beth and her daughter Melissa came over for a little question and answer time. I took this picture (along with all the others) with my cell. Of all the times, my zoom decided that it did not want to work!

After the conference, we were able to say hello to two bloggy friends Kelly and Jennifer. They were very sweet and so tiny in person! We had such a great time at the conference. Beth brought an amazing word as always! I pray that I, along with the 300,000 other women that heard this message can commit to what we learned and make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

We had an important mission after the conference so we quickly made our way to the car. Mere and I were going to stop at a mall to go shop at H&M!

They had SO much cute stuff! Unfortunately, my pregnant belly hindered me from really shopping (perhaps that was actually a good thing). Thank goodness that we had just come from a conference about saying goodbye to insecurity. The clothes ran REALLY small. At least I had the excuse that I am pregnant so I didn't feel so bad! Just as I was about to give up, Mere found an adorable dress for me try on. It fit and I LOVE it! I'm now praying that I don't grow too much during this week so I can wear it to a wedding on Saturday! It was a great trip that ended with this:

I was glad to be home and very pleased to see that my wonderful hubby had cleaned and dinner was almost ready. I am a lucky girl!

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