Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shopping on Saturday

Joseph surprised me by taking Saturday off from work. My plans were to do some shopping and he agreed to come along. We have been talking FOREVER about getting a new mattress so that was our first stop. They had a great sale going on and I jotted down information on several that we liked. As soon as we got into the car, I called one of my BFFs, FJ, to discuss. He sales in mattresses in another state and he knows his stuff. We were on the right track so we continued on with our shopping.

After visiting several furniture stores, we decided to go to Rooms To Go. I have been looking for a chair, coffee and end tables and thinking about a new bedroom suit. We ended up with the bedroom suit. I am very excited and pleased with our purchase but also a little bummed that I still haven't found a chair that I love for the living room (as if anybody cares LOL). Here are some pictures (taken with cell so they are not the best).

When we went back to get the mattress, they were able to deliver the same day as the other store. It all worked out because J was off work yesterday and was able to be home for it to be delivered. Bless his heart, he moved all the furniture that was in our master to a guest room by himself! He definitely deserves a sheet of gold stars!

One of our other stops on Saturday was to a pet supply store. We were in search of a bark deterant. We have a neighbor who owns a german shepard. This dog literally barks from the time it steps outside until it goes back inside. This barking can sometimes last for HOURS. Appartently, the owner can block it out. We cannot. We found an Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control device that is completely safe.

It looks like a bird house and oddly enough, the same colors as our house. Joseph actually hung it while that particular neighbor watched from his deck. So far, we have not had the exact results we had hoped for but we are going to move it closer to their yard in hopes that will work (it has to be within 50 ft of animal). Wish us luck!

We ended our day with dinner at Outback. It was SO good! The best part of the day was that Joseph was there with me. I love him so much!

My 18 week check-up is on Thursday! We will be finding out the sex of the baby! I will post the results!!!

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