Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Part 1

I had a wonderfully exhausting weekend! On Friday, I left work a little early and headed up to Decatur to my mom's house. We had planned on meeting my aunt and then driving to Huntsville to see my cousin Julie's new baby boy. Unfortunately, when I got there, Mom had a terrible sinus headache. So I talked with her for a while, met my Aunt Joan and we headed to the hospital. Oh. My. Word. Garrett is SO precious!

We took turns handing him back and forth while visiting with Julie and Bryan. Before we left, I was holding Garrett against my tummy. He started fussing and I felt several small kicks in front. Someone was saying hello to his new cousin, not happy because of the noise or saying get off my mommy! I am hoping it was the first!

After we left the hospital, Joan and I had dinner and a great time catching up with each other. She dropped me off at my car and I went to spend the night with my Mom.

I got up early on Saturday and headed back to Birmingham to attend a very special little guy's birthday party. I first met Lane in my nursery class at church. I was instantly crazy about him! I then got to know his sweet parents through a small group. I love them and am so thrilled they have "claimed" me as family! LOL!

Here is the birthday boy:

The awesome cake Jessica made:

I had a great time with good food, good company and some great Lane Lovin'!
There was lots more in store for the weekend but I (or Joseph) will need to download the pictures and then I will post! Have a great day:)

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