Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby News

Joseph and I went to my sonogram appointment yesterday morning. We were both so excited that we could hardly stand it! They called us back and the technician got right to work. She wanted to do all the measuring and then show us. I couldn't see the screen so I watched Joseph's face. FINALLY, she turned the screen around and I got the first look at our sweet little babe growing inside of me. Surreal. Wonderful. Amazing.

She asked if we were ready to find out the sex. Of course we were ready!!! She pointed out one leg and then the other. She then asked, "see this right between the legs"? We both answered yes and she said "IT'S A BOY"!!! Even though I could clearly see between the legs, I still thought she was going to say that it was a girl! Denial? I'm not sure! Ha! Joseph said he had a feeling, although his "feeling" for the first several weeks was "girl". He was actually more excited that the baby is boy than if we were having a girl! I have nannied for several families with boys, so I know how precious that little boy love will be! Now that it has finally sunk in, I am SO EXCITED!!!

My sweet cousin Julie had her baby last night (after 14 hours of labor)! I am driving up after work today and cannot wait to get my hands on sweet Garrett! She and I are 7 months apart and our boys will be 5 months apart. We are both thrilled that they will have each other and hope that they will become great friends like their mothers.

This weekend is going to be insanely busy with baby visiting, a birthday party, cooking and a bridal shower. Hopefully, I will remember my camera so I can post some pictures.

Have a great weekend!

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